Pritim und Markus stehen in der ATOSS Hall

Future proof

Markus, in times like these, how important is digital workforce management? 

Markus: The ability to manage and schedule a workforce efficiently has never been more important than now – in the light of the ongoing pandemic. Organizations which had already invested in digitalizing their workforce management processes were able to act quickly on the changes required to ensure a safe environment for their workforce while maintaining productivity. As markets and analysts struggle to predict economic recovery scenarios, organizations with workforce management software in use continue to maintain growth and provide uninterrupted service for their customers. 

Pritim, how did you perceive that? 

Pritim: The corona crisis added another dimension to the importance of digital workforce management. Organizations that were already on the digitalization path picked up their pace to implement our solutions. Our multiple deployment modes have supported a faster adoption. We also observe that more and more of our on premises customers are transitioning to the cloud. Predictability, cost-transparency and the ability to scale at short notice are drivers for their decision. At the same time, many of our new customers prefer our cloud solutions. 

There seems to be a growing demand for workforce management solutions… 

Pritim: Yes indeed, market analysis confirm that. The average annual growth rate of more than ten percent indicates the enormous potential of digital workforce management in industrialized and emerging markets. After all, a sustainable and talented workforce contributes to an organization's growth. 

What advantages do our cloud customers have? 

Markus: We already have a lot of experience in developing and operating cloud-based workforce management software. Around 4,500 customers currently use our cloud solutions. They all benefit from a full-service offer provided by us as single source. From development and implementation to operation and ongoing services via our hotline, the ATOSS experts ensure excellent quality and measurable benefits for our customers. Our latest generation, ATOSS CLOUD24/7, is available to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, combining even better services and lower costs. 

Zitat Pritim Technologie

We invest very consistently in R&D and thus in the future. It is our mission and our passion to continue revolutionizing the workforce management market – this time with our cloud services.

Pritim Kumar Krishnamoorthy

What can we expect from ATOSS in the next few years?

Markus: We will focus on further advancing our solutions technologically and functionally while increasing the speed and frequency of launching innovations for our customers. We will also provide dynamically scaling cloud services, which intelligently leverage the infrastructure to combine cost-efficiency and best possible performance.

Pritim: In addition to solving current challenges with innovative solutions, at ATOSS we deeply focus on enhancing our cloud architecture. We are using cloud-native paradigms by successfully transitioning parts of our software to improve our TCO and pass on more benefits to our customers in the long run. Our ability to cater to our customers’ demands without additional programming and to implement robust requirements via parameterization continues to remain the unique strength of our products. Our investments over the last five years in user experience and mobile solutions support faster onboarding and reduce training and implementation costs.

Do we continue to consistently invest into our solutions?

Pritim: R&D is a cornerstone of our success and has earmarked investments, each year about 20 percent of our turnover. According to the “EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard”, ATOSS was ranked in 2020 once again as the number one among all European workforce management providers. It is our mission and our passion to continue revolutionizing the workforce management market – this time with our cloud services.

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